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Sports Tent – Temporary Space Solution
The top of the sports tent is very high from the ground, providing a large enough space for outdoor sports activities.
Semi-permanent Marquee Tent
This semi-permanent large tent is 20m wide and 30m long. The total area is 600 square meters. Including conference venue, stage construction, equipment entry, and layout work
Large storage tent - 2,000 square meters can be set up in one day
​The main frame of the large storage tent is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum, with a wind resistance of 100km/hr
Application of tipi tents in large and small events
The spire tent adopts a modular construction method, which can be quickly put into use and can be quickly disassembled when not needed, which is very convenient and fast.
Our newly manufactured structure tent products
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum alloy structure tents. We sell various large outdoor aluminum frame tents worldwide.
Large structure tent is being installed
Large structure tents are used to hold various types of activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, weddings, celebrations, sports events, etc.
Customized large industrial storage tents
KENTEN Structure provides a variety of tent accessories, including doors and windows such as electric rolling shutters, glass double/single doors, sliding doors, etc
Temporary sports event venue - tent solution
Sports event venues are mainly for temporary use. Many people have thought about building large-area stadiums for temporary use. Is there a better choice? At this time, some people considered temporary buildings.
Tennis Court Cover Structures – Sport Tent for Sale
KENTEN Sports Tent provides safest and most cost-effective solutions for tennis court cover, football court, swimming pool cover and ice rink etc. The high roof of our sports tent offers large space for variety sporting events.
To hold a large-scale event outdoors, choose KENTEN large-scale event tent.
To hold a large-scale event outdoors, the KENTEN large-scale event tent can solve your problems.
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