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Customized large industrial storage tents

date 2023-12-06
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The size of large industrial storage tents can be customized according to customer needs. KENTEN tents provide spans of 10-60 meters, side heights of 4-8 meters, and unlimited lengths that can be extended infinitely in multiples of 3 meters or 5 meters to meet the needs of manufacturing warehouses. According to various needs, there are no redundant pillars inside and the space can be used flexibly.

We provide a variety of large industrial storage tent walls, including white tarps, ABS hard walls, color steel plate walls, thermal insulation walls, etc. Multiple patterns can be customized on the tarps.

industrial storage tents

KENTEN Structure provides a variety of tent accessories, including doors and windows such as electric rolling shutters, glass double/single doors, sliding doors, etc. You can choose different doors according to different needs. Other accessories include floors, carpets, lights, walls cloth, air conditioner, etc.

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