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Polygon Tent

What is Polygon tent?

Polygon tent

Polygon tent, also known as polygonal tent,The roof beams of the Polygon Top Tent are combined by several split aluminum alloy beams and in a polygon shape.

This design makes the polygon structure stronger and durable, and with a clear span roof, the polygon tent creates a spacious indoor environment.

Polygon Tent Size

The span width of our polygon tents are from 10m to 60m. It can also be customized for clients’ special requirements.

Polygon Tent Design

   The design for Polygon Top Tent is with the advanced idea and the structure is quite firm. It is designed for meeting the requirements of bigger interior space and elegant polygonal appearance. The features of Polygon Top Tent: modular system, easy to be assembled and dismantled, durable, wind resistance can reach 100km/hour, flame retardant with relevant certificates. It is popularly used for concerts, sports arena, stadium and courts, exhibitions, warehouse, large events and parties, trade shows, and so on.



Moduraized design, easy to install and dismantle

Elegant polygonal looking

Fully reusable and convinent to transport

Safe, durable, stable structure with strong wind resistance

Affordable price to meet your budget

Optional accessories

glass door

Glass wall, ABS wall

PVC roof cover

Flooring system

Air conditioning

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