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What is a structure tent?

The aluminum alloy tent adopts a modular structure, which is more beautiful than traditional buildings, safe and stable, and easy to transport. Tent reuse. Widely used in outdoor event exhibitions, wedding conferences, large warehouses, temporary venues for sports events, etc., the size can be customized.

Structure Tent Cases

structure tent case 1

Structure Tent Product

Application Scenario

Tent Accessories

Customers can choose accessories as needed.

 Tent Accessories
wedding tent

What size are structure tent?

Support custom size.

  • 1. Span Width : 10m
  • 2. Span Width : 20m
  • 3. Span Width : 30m
  • 4. Span Width : 40m
  • 5. Span Width : 50m

Structure Tent Video

Let's take a look at the real tent case video.

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