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What is a wedding tent

Looking for a wedding tent? Look no further. Whether you are planning a small or large party, we have the right tent for you and your budget.

Wedding tent rental is currently a popular solution for wedding banquet venues. Choosing to rent or purchase wedding tents can not only solve the urgent need for venues, but also create a unique and personalized outdoor wedding for you. KENTEN wedding tent adopts unit combination design, the length can be increased or decreased by 5 meters, and can be customized according to the scale of wedding banquet.
The location of the wedding tent rental is flexible, and can be set up on the seaside, on the lawn, etc. The layout of the tent is also more controllable. The top of the tarpaulin can be pure white, red, or transparent. Various themes such as European style, pastoral style, and Chinese style can be displayed in the wedding tent. .

Wedding Tent Cases

wedding tent case 1

Optional Accessories

Customers can choose accessories as needed.

wedding tent

Wedding Tent size reference

Support custom size.

  • 1. Span Width : 10m
  • 2. Span Width : 20m
  • 3. Span Width : 30m
  • 4. Span Width : 40m
  • 5. Span Width : 50m

Wedding Tent Video

Let's take a look at the real tent case video.

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