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What is a Party Tents

Summer is a season suitable for holding music festivals, food festival parties and other activities outdoors. Generally, party activities are held in open places outdoors, but outdoor activities must first consider the weather factor. In order to make the activities more smoothly, the aluminum alloy structure canopy The room has become the standard equipment for outdoor activities.

KENTEN party tents can also customize the size of the tent according to the scale of the site, and arrange the environment and layout inside the tent according to the customer's requirements, so as to achieve a comprehensive space solution.

In addition to the freedom of size, the function of the party event tent is also more free, floor system, drainage system, lightning protection system, air conditioning system, fire protection system, stage audio, lighting system, etc. are all available, and are more suitable for outdoor party activities. Meet various needs.

In the choice of appearance, KENTEN also gives customers a variety of choices. We have three tarpaulin options: full shading, semi-shading, and full transparency. We can also customize colors and patterns according to preferences; we also have tempered glass, Various wall systems such as ABS curtain wall, sandwich panel wall, pvc curtain, transparent curtain, aluminum-plastic panel hard wall, etc., create a personalized party event tent shape.

Party Tent Product

20m Outdoor PVC Waterproof Party Tent

20m PVC Waterproof Party Tent

25m x 40m x 4m Party Tent

25m x 40m x 4m Party Tent

10m x 25m x 4m Beer Festival Party Tent

10m Beer Festival Party Tent

Party Tent Cases

Party tent case

Optional Accessories

Customers can choose accessories as needed.

Optional Accessories
Party tent

What size are Party tents?

Support custom size.

  • 1. Span Width : 10m
  • 2. Span Width : 20m
  • 3. Span Width : 30m
  • 4. Span Width : 40m
  • 5. Span Width : 50m
  • 6. Span Width : 60m

Party Tent Video

Let's take a look at the real tent case video.

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