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Warehouse Tent

KENTEN Warehouse Tent. 

We offer a wide range of customizable, high-quality tents that are designed for industrial and commercial use. Our warehouse tents are perfect for businesses that need additional storage space or a temporary shelter for their manufacturing operations.


warehouse tent cases

Our warehouse tents come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing us to cater to your specific needs. Here are some of the types of warehouse tents we offer:

PVC Warehouse Tents: These tents are made with high-quality PVC materials that are waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable. They are ideal for temporary storage or shelter.

Aluminum Frame Warehouse Tents: Our aluminum frame warehouse tents have a sturdy and durable frame that can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are perfect for long-term storage or manufacturing facilities.

Clear Span Warehouse Tents: Our clear span warehouse tents have a wide-open space inside, making them perfect for large-scale storage or logistics operations. They do not require center poles, maximizing the usable space inside.

Multi-Story Warehouse Tents: Our multi-story warehouse tents are designed to provide additional storage space without taking up more land area. They can be customized according to your specific needs.

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warehouse tent cases

KENTEN Factory

KENTEN 23 years professional structure tent manufacturer, products include party tents, event tents, sports tents, exhibition tents, pagoda tents, industrial tents and storage tents, etc., Provide customized tent services. for sale worldwide.

KENTEN Factory

No matter which type of warehouse tent you choose, our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring that your industrial or commercial needs are met. Contact us today to learn more about our warehouse tents and how we can help provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business.

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