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To hold a large-scale event outdoors, choose KENTEN large-scale event tent.

date 2023-12-26
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If a large-scale event is held outdoors, but there is no suitable location. KENTEN large event tent can solve your problems.

Whether it is marathons, festivals, beer festivals, corporate promotions in major cities in the country,

Our movable tent frame material is made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter than ordinary steel structures and easy to transport;

There are no pillars in the tent, 100% space utilization;

Modular design makes it easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble the tent;

Provide various types of tent side wall options, including affordable PVC walls, ABS walls and glass curtain walls;

large-scale event outdoors

We have extensive experience in large-scale events and exhibitions, and you can rely on our expertise. We will definitely provide you with the best solution; including tents of various sizes and configurations, mobile tents, whether floors are required, whether they are equipped with lighting fixtures, whether they require air conditioning, whether they are equipped with glass curtain walls, ABS panels, etc. KETNEN tents can provide you with all the solutions in one stop.

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