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Semi-permanent Marquee Tent

date 2023-11-13
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Recently, a semi-permanent large tent was set up in the open space as the venue for this new product launch.

20m wide and 30m long tent

20m wide and 30m long tent

This semi-permanent large tent is 20m wide and 30m long. The total area is 600 square meters. Including conference venue, stage construction, equipment entry, and layout work. Semi-permanent marquees are quick to install, greatly saving time and labor costs. Provides organizers with the most convenient outdoor temporary space.

This semi-permanent marquee was chosen as the venue for this conference not only because of its high construction efficiency, but also because of the flexible structural design of the building itself. We can carry out demolition after the launch event and restore the venue to its original condition. It can also be reused the next time you hold a business event or temporary exhibition.

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