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Outdoor Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent

date 2023-05-25
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Outdoor Exhibition Tent Supplier

KENTEN exhibition tents are used for security checks, passages, ticket offices, ticket halls and other functions.

Outdoor Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent

Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent

Outdoor Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent

How to formulate a suitable exhibition planning plan is a problem that every exhibition company is very concerned about. A successful exhibition is a systematic work. Exhibition companies not only need to carefully design the location of all booths to attract exhibitors, but also need to provide good services for exhibitors so that they can communicate more effectively with customers. For a large trade show, a professional team is very necessary.

Recently, many cities in China have been affected by the rainy season. The rated wind load of outdoor exhibition tents is 80-100 km/h, and soft or hard PVC rain gutters can be installed between different exhibition tents. In addition, there will be PVC drain pipes. So there is no trouble of leakage or water accumulation. Regardless of the weather, be it thunder or storm, the event or exhibition will not be affected.

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