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Why are featured tent hotels so popular?

date 2023-05-26
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Fast construction, saving operating costs

For an operation cycle of only three to five years, the hotel tents made by KENTEN Tents have unique structural shapes and low requirements on terrain, which can easily solve problems that are difficult to build in various natural environments. The overall structure is simple and light, and can be quickly set up and disassembled. Compared with hotels with traditional fixed buildings, the cost of tent hotels is much lower. There is no need for complicated building approval procedures, no need for large-scale equipment construction, and the construction of the entire hotel can be completed in a short time. The construction process has minimal damage to the surrounding natural environment. It can also be disassembled and replaced to other places for reuse, which is very in line with the concept of green and environmentally friendly tourism buildings.


Shape can be customized

The unique advantage of tent hotels is that they can customize and design hotels with different themes according to the style of scenic spots and resorts, so that the tents can be integrated with the natural environment.

As a new hotel form, tents are more and more widely used. In the future, the tourism industry will develop into lying in the hotel and talking to the starry sky, and blending with nature in the sun. In the development of fresher and more interesting travel experiences, tent hotels are not only big Trends are indispensable products.

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