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Wedding in USA
This was a large wedding party. Its structure combination include indoor and outdoor two parts. Both of these two parts decorated bunches of flowers, balloons and lights.
A Bosnian Client's Success Story with Our Large Aluminum Alloy Party Tent
Discover how a Bosnian client transformed their outdoor event into a spectacular affair using our large aluminum alloy party tent. Learn about the stunning interiors and lighting that made their high-end party an unforgettable experience.
Large event tent in HongKong
Our large outdoor event tent 30×70m structure tent was set up within 24 hours for the AUDI new car launch event.
New car launch conference - white large outdoor exhibition tent solution
White large outdoor exhibition tents are often used in car conferences, commercial performances, parties and other occasions
15,18 meters large transparent white dome tent - 2022 Taobao Maker Festival
The 2022 Taobao Maker Festival uses a large transparent white dome tent of 15,18 meters, with lighting and audio equipment, the effect is very good
Event tent for new car conference 10x40m
10x40m white large outdoor exhibition tent is often used in car conferences, commercial performances, parties and other occasions
The 31st China Home Appliances Fair - Type A Tent
In order to accommodate this event, KENTEN built a large A-shaped event tent at the venue of Zhongshan Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center.
The 2nd "Cantonese Cuisine Master" Skills Competition - Exhibition Tent
Organizers needed a large exhibition space to showcase the culinary skills of contestants, as well as provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for attendees. A 20x100m exhibition tent was selected as the ideal solution.
KENTEN Large Aluminum Sports Tent - 2022F1 Miami Grand Prix
2022F1 Miami Grand Prix KENTEN provides viewing tents, using aluminum alloy brackets, high-quality PVC tarpaulin, with anti-ultraviolet and rain-proof functions
Guangzhou Flower Fair event
A festival tent is a type of temporary structure used for outdoor festivals and events. These tents come in various sizes and styles, ranging from small tents to large, elaborate structures that can accommodate thousands of people.
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