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Music Party in Lithuania
Curved Roof Tent also called Arcum tent is well-looking in shape for outdoor events.
100 seat Outdoor Transparent PartyTent - Guangzhou Nansha
The 100-seat temporary party tent adopts a modular design, which is characterized by short construction period, low cost and mobility. Moreover, the temporary event tent does not have high requirements on the site, whether it is grass, sand, or cement, it can be flexibly Build and easily solve the problem of outdoor party venues.
25m A Structure Wedding Tent
Product : 25m A Structure Tents Tent,KENTEN A structure Tent application: party events,banquets and weddings.
Shenzhen dinner party 20x40m A-type tent
20x40m A-frame tent proved to be a practical and effective solution for the organizers of the evening event in Shenzhen.
A Bosnian Client's Success Story with Our Large Aluminum Alloy Party Tent
Discover how a Bosnian client transformed their outdoor event into a spectacular affair using our large aluminum alloy party tent. Learn about the stunning interiors and lighting that made their high-end party an unforgettable experience.
AUDI new car launch event
KENTEN’s 30×70m outdoor modular structure tent for AUDI new car launch event.
Hyundai ELANTRA event 2016
With this purpose in mind, we delivered the black cover A Frame tent and Pagoda.
Large event tent in HongKong
Our large outdoor event tent 30×70m structure tent was set up within 24 hours for the AUDI new car launch event.
SAMSUNG S6 launch event - 15m A Frame Tent tent
We combine white element and two lamps. Despite the structure what we used is A Frame Tent, it was still gorgeous.
Event tent for new car conference 10x40m
10x40m white large outdoor exhibition tent is often used in car conferences, commercial performances, parties and other occasions
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