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Application of tipi tents in large and small events

date 2023-11-21
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Pointed tents are also known as: pointed European-style tents, pyramid tents, pagoda tents, garden tents, aluminum alloy tents, and four-legged tents. Suitable for high-end business activities such as party receptions, business consultations, wedding sign-ins, product displays, etc. They can be seen at many outdoor events, large and small.


The main profile of the peak tent frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is treated with oxidized silver to prevent rust and has a bright and beautiful color. It is light in weight, easy to set up, strong and safe. Double-sided coated PVC cloth is used as the top cloth and surrounding cloth, which has good safety and flexibility. And it has sun protection, flame retardant, etc. properties.


The spire tent adopts a modular construction method, which can be quickly put into use and can be quickly disassembled when not needed, which is very convenient and fast.

small tent

small tent

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