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Industrial warehouse tents are used in temporary warehouses, logistics and other fields.

date 2023-11-22
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Warehouse tents are mainly used to solve the sudden warehousing needs of production enterprises or logistics enterprises.

The prefabricated aluminum alloy tent building can be assembled and disassembled at any time to avoid cumbersome approval processes and has no special requirements for ground treatment. The size can be customized on demand, the maximum span can reach 80 meters, the length is not limited, and the height is optional.

Warehouse tents

Product basic performance

1. Rainproof, windproof, UV-proof (or semi-transparent), flame-retardant

2. There are no standing columns inside, so 100% of the space can be utilized.

3. No special requirements for the ground

4. Diversified shapes and colors

5. Long service life

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