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outdoor sports structure tent
KENTEN sports structures can provide you with a stable and reliable canopy suitable for various sports events.
Sports tent construction plan
A professional sports venue can be built in a few days. The main structure of KENTEN sports tent is aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin.
Why do sports tents attract so much attention from sports fans?
Compared with the traditional basketball court, the cost of the sports tent is only one-third of the price of the fixed building, and the cost of the tent is low, and the return of funds is fast.
Span dimension reference for large stadium tents
The stadium tent can achieve a span of 3-60 meters, which is an ideal choice for large stadiums. It has the outstanding advantage of prefabricated design
Exhibition Tent: The Perfect Solution for Temporary Buildings
​Temporary buildings play an increasingly important role in modern commercial activities. From exhibitions, conventions, sales demonstrations to concerts and sports events
Structural tent gymnasium can replace traditional buildings
The current structure tent stadium can well replace the traditional stadium and solve various problems of the stadium.
Large security tents are used in exhibition activities
KENTEN security tents are widely used in outdoor parties, exhibitions, sports activities, commercial activities, opening ceremonies, and other outdoor activities.
Construction of temporary facilities for sports venues.
It is an honor to serve the Asian Games again. We provide temporary facilities and temporary structure tents for the Asian Games.
Sports Tent: The Ultimate Solution for Your Outdoor Sports Needs
Our company, Sports Tents, offers a range of tents that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of outdoor sports events.
Temporary Pavilion Construction
The temporary exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, covering application fields such as education, medical care, industry, aviation, sports
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