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Why do sports tents attract so much attention from sports fans?

date 2023-08-09
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More and more people are participating in sports activities. In order to keep sports from being affected by the weather, many sports enthusiasts gradually turn their attention to sports tent projects.

sports tents

So why do sports tents attract so much attention from sports fans?

1. The sports tent building is a temporary building, the approval process is simple,

2. Compared with the traditional basketball court, the cost of the tent is only one-third of the price of the fixed building, and the cost of the tent is low, and the return of capital is fast.

3. The prefabricated sports tent can also meet the needs of night sports. Even at night, games can be played in a brightly lit environment; there is a high-power air conditioner in the room, which makes the tent warm in winter and cool in summer.

4. The production and construction of sports tents are fast. It usually only takes one day to complete the construction of 2000 square meters, which greatly shortens the construction period.

In addition to basketball tents, KENTEN tents also provide badminton court tents, volleyball court tents, football field tents, swimming tents, etc.

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