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Aluminum alloy storage tents can replace traditional warehouses

date 2023-08-09
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Traditional factories will build warehouses to store products, and use aluminum alloy storage tents to replace warehouses. 

Mainly based on the following reasons.

One reason is more flexibility

It may take about 3 months to build a traditional warehouse, but it may only take 3 days to build an aluminum alloy storage tent. Many companies choose aluminum alloy storage tents in order to solve storage problems in the shortest time. It only needs to be equipped with enough personnel and equipment, and at least 1,000 square meters of aluminum alloy storage tents can be built a day.

The second reason is that it has a higher cost performance

Traditional warehouses require a series of expenses such as cement, bricks, and labor, and the cost is much higher than building an aluminum alloy storage tent. Some people may say that the service life of aluminum alloy storage tents is not long. However, with the continuous improvement of production technology, the aluminum alloy storage tent adopts a high-strength and hard aluminum alloy frame, and the service life can reach more than 20 years. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to build an aluminum alloy storage tent.

storage tents

In addition to the above two reasons, the reason why the aluminum alloy storage tent can replace the warehouse is also because it can also ensure the spaciousness of the space. There is no load-bearing column in the internal space of the aluminum alloy storage tent, and the utilization rate of the internal area can reach 100%. Such an unobstructed storage space is very conducive to the driving of storage personnel and transportation vehicles.

That's why tents are chosen instead of warehouses.

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