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Span dimension reference for large stadium tents

date 2023-08-22
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The stadium tent can achieve a span of 3-60 meters, which is an ideal choice for large stadiums. It has the outstanding advantage of prefabricated design, all components and accessories (such as overall structure, wall panels, windows, tarpaulins, etc.) are pre-processed in the factory, and then transported to the construction site without additional work such as cutting and welding. Can be installed directly on site.

stadium tent

stadium tent

The span length of the stadium tent can be customized according to the needs, and the size of the tent can be determined according to the size of the venue. In addition, because there is no column design in the middle of the tent, the internal space utilization rate of the tent is high, which is very suitable for large-scale sports projects.

The prefabricated design also has the advantages of aluminum alloy frame structure and unit combined construction. It can be divided into different sports areas, and the flexibility is very high.

In addition to the common A-type tents, KENTEN also provides a variety of different styles of tent shapes, such as arc top, arch, round, polygon and combination. The white PVC tarpaulin not only has outstanding sun protection and heat insulation functions, but also can be customized in patterns and colors to play the role of outdoor advertising.

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