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Sports tent construction plan

date 2023-08-02
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The existence of the sports tent building makes it much more convenient to carry out sports activities indoors. The sports tent is designed in a modular manner, with a faster construction period and lower cost. The key point is that the sports tent has a large space without any pillars, and 100% of the usable area allows customers to plan the stadium to their heart's content. The top of the sports tent can choose a semi-transparent tarpaulin, which greatly saves lighting energy consumption during the day.

Sports tent

A professional sports venue can be built in a few days. The main structure of KENTEN sports tent is aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin. All components can be completed in the factory, which shortens the construction period of the venue and saves It saves a lot of manpower and saves a lot of cost for developers. It has superior performance in wind and rain resistance, provides a safe and comfortable indoor activity environment for sports, and realizes a 365-day all-weather business plan.

Sports tent

Nowadays, the emergence of sports tents effectively solves the time-consuming and labor-intensive problems of traditional sports venues, as well as the long-term idle waste after new construction. It is easy to disassemble and install, and can be built repeatedly. It can be built and put into use in just 1-2 weeks, saving customers a lot of time and money. It is also a good money-making plan to choose sports tents if you want to operate sports venues .

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