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Structural tent gymnasium can replace traditional buildings

The current structure tent stadium can well replace the traditional stadium and solve various problems of the stadium.

Structural tent gym

KENTEN can provide 60m-span structure tents for sports venues, which are easy to install and build, with no pillars in the middle, and 100% space utilization. High-strength aluminum alloy frame, oxidized surface, PVC tarpaulin, fireproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, can be used as a permanent building.

The structure tent stadium can be extended infinitely, and the length can be shortened arbitrarily, which is its advantage. It can protect against wind and rain, and can resist 8-10 strong winds.

Structure tent stadiums can be dismantled quickly to adapt to various venues, building modularization, saving land and making full use of idle open space to build stadiums.

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