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Application of tents in the field of storage
Enterprises and some logistics companies will encounter the problem of insufficient storage space. If you want to quickly solve the storage problem, tent construction is a way to consider
KENTEN A-shaped tent application scenarios
A-shaped tents are the perfect solution for large crowd events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows and many other events that require more space and fewer obstacles
Large Temporary Warehouse Structures
The KENTEN temporary warehouse structure is suitable for customers who need flexible storage space. No need to spend money to rent or build a warehouse. You can install it on almost any type of ground and it only takes a few weeks to install.
Warehouse and storage solutions
Increase your warehouse space with our temporary and permanent facilities
warehousing tents helps you achieve your sustainability goals
We can help you increase your warehouse or storage space with our temporary and permanent warehouses and logistics facilities, that can be placed on short term.
PVC Dome tent for Sale
The simple design marquee tent is too common for your event? Do you want a special design outdoor space? the Dome Tent which brings you a new experience.
Emergency Cover & Emergency Shelters
Extensions to Hospitals and Medical Centres,Due to the demand for space forced by Covid-19 restrictions, we have been erecting extensions to existing medical centres.
Industrial & Commercial buildings
Our industrial and commercial temporary buildings are the ideal solution to quickly expand on-site storage, operational or retail space with an economical, durable and functional warehouse building.
KETNEN structures are ideal for expanding your venue’s offering
Our structures are ideal for expanding your venue’s offering and creating spaces that are tailor designed to suit your location.
KENTEN Structures can provide flexible storage solutions
KENTEN Structures can offer flexible warehousing solutions to create more storage space and protect your equipment and stock from the elements.
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