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Application of tents in the field of storage

date 2022-07-14
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storage tents (warehouse tent)

Why choose tents as storage workshops? Because storage tents are temporary buildings, compared with traditional tents, they have more flexibility and performance. The movable performance of storage tents is unmatched by traditional buildings. In the approval process, the procedures for storage tents are simple and fast.

storage tents (warehouse tent)

What are the advantages of storage tents (warehouse tent)

All the frames of the KENTEN storage tent are detachable, and the tarpaulin can be folded, which is more convenient for transportation and storage.

There is no column inside the KENTEN tent, which greatly increases the utilization space of the tent. The cargo stacking situation can be planned according to customer requirements.

The safety performance of the KENTEN storage tent, the tent frame is made of aluminum alloy, the wind resistance level can reach 10, the snow limit can reach 15-20cm; it has the effects of burning, mildew and UV protection.

Due to the unique advantages of KENTEN storage tents, many places have begun to use them. Storage tents are inexpensive to build and recyclable. It is not only a storage tent for enterprises, but also an environmental protection tent. The utilization effect of the two is very popular, which solves the environmental protection and storage problems for various enterprises.

storage tents (warehouse tent)

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