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Emergency Cover & Emergency Shelters

date 2022-11-18
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Extensions to Hospitals and Medical Centres

Due to the demand for space forced by Covid-19 restrictions, we have been erecting extensions to existing medical centres. Our emergency medical centre extensions are designed to be attached to existing buildings providing weatherproof additional space.


Heating and air conditioning (HVAC)

Commercial grade vinyl flooring

Power supply and distribution

Toilet facilities

Exterior and interior lighting

Insulated walls and roofs

Alarm systems

Waiting Areas and Receptions

The need for segregated reception rooms and post vaccination waiting rooms for allergic reaction monitoring and social distancing is clear, and we can provide these facilities very quickly, even connecting them to existing buildings

Covered Walkways for Emergency Temporary Buildings

We can build temporary covered walkways to connect any emergency temporary buildings and structures to protect everyone from the elements and for social distancing.

 Emergency Shelters tents

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