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Large Temporary Warehouse Structures

date 2022-09-21
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The KENTEN temporary warehouse structure is suitable for customers who need flexible storage space. No need to spend money to rent or build a warehouse. You can install it on almost any type of ground and it only takes a few weeks to install.

Large Temporary Warehouse Structures

Large Temporary Warehouse Structures

Large Temporary Warehouse Structures

Our large-scale temporary warehouse structure has a maximum clear span width of 100m and an internal height of up to 12m. All sizes can be customized due to your warehouse space requirements. The temporary warehouse structure is made of very durable aluminium and galvanised steel. They can be a good solution for temporary and permanent storage.

We offer different options:

PVC fabric fireproof roof and sidewalls

Double layer inflatable PVC roof, good thermal insulation, weatherproof and snowproof

ABS and sandwich solid wall etc.

Different types of doors suitable for forklifts and trucks to work inside

The above project is our 20×20m large temporary warehouse structure. It uses our PVC flame retardant fabric. The internal net height is 4m, and there are no columns or beams inside. It is used for seasonal temporary warehouses. This modular, prefabricated structure can be quickly installed and dismantled for easy transportation. It took only two days from installation to completion, saving customers time and cost.


  1. Country: China

  2. Function: Season Temporary Warehouse

  3. Framework: Aluminium alloy

  4. Roof Cover: 850g/sqm Double PVC

  5. Wind load: 100km/h

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