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Indoor Horse Riding Arena | Structure Tent
KENTE structure tent adopts a safe and environmentally friendly high-strength aluminum alloy frame, and a waterproof and UV-resistant PVC fabric material as the roof.
Industrial Canopy Tent | Warehouse Tent
If you need a flexible, efficient and economical logistics loading and unloading area, our industrial tents are the ideal solution.
Luxury Party Tents for Sale | Structure Tent
With more than 20 years of experience in tent design, manufacture and export, KENTEN Structure is committed to providing various sizes of luxury party tents for sale
Luxury Wedding Tent | Structure Tent
do you want to hold a unique wedding party outdoors? Choose from our luxury wedding tents to suit your wishes.
Outdoor Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent
Outdoor Exhibition Tent Supplier.KENTEN exhibition tents are used for security checks, passages, ticket offices, ticket halls and other functions.
Customization and design of tents to meet special requirements of customers
Tent customization service can fully realize the individual needs of customers, including tent style, material, etc.
Portable Warehouse Buildings For Sale - Structure Tent
Modular design, large span, no columns in the middle, large internal space, these are the structural advantages of our mobile warehouse.
Disaster Relief Tent Sales | Structure Tent
Our disaster relief tents are built to perform and provide a safe and practical environment in extreme weather conditions. The tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a classic A-frame design.
Stadium tent | Stadium Tent Sale - KENTEN Structure Tent
KENTEN has launched a new stadium tent. This comprehensive stadium tent has no special requirements for the construction site.
Emergency Response Tents for Sale
KENTEN large warehouse has sufficient inventory to save time and cost, and is a real emergency solution for medical spaces.
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