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Luxury Wedding Tent | Structure Tent

date 2023-05-25
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special outdoor wedding

Everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding, do you want to hold a unique wedding party outdoors? Choose from our luxury wedding tents to suit your wishes. As a professional aluminum alloy structure tent company, KENTEN Structure has more than 23 years of tent sales and manufacturing experience.

Create a unique space according to your desired style with our luxury wedding tents. This photo gallery is of our bespoke Peak Tent measuring 25m x 25m and accommodating 300 to 500 guests. There are no pillars in the tent, which can maximize the use of indoor space and decorate with tables and chairs, dance floors, lights, flowers, etc.

Luxury Wedding Tent | Structure Tent

Wedding Tent | Structure Tent

Luxury Wedding Tent | Structure Tent

Wedding Tent Luxury & Design

Our luxury wedding tents are made of 6061/T6 reinforced aluminum alloy frame and corrosion-resistant PVC fabric. Our tents have excellent properties, such as UV resistance, wind resistance, waterproof and so on. If you use our luxury wedding tent, you don't need to worry about the unpredictable weather on your wedding day, its modular design can be customized according to the number of wedding guests and different functions.

All of our wedding tents can be built on different types of ground, such as grass, concrete, etc. If you need a wedding tent, welcome to contact us.

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