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Emergency Response Tents for Sale

date 2023-05-31
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Capable of responding quickly to emergencies, KENTEN large warehouse has sufficient inventory to save time and cost, and is a real emergency solution for medical spaces.

The size can be adjusted at any time, extending or shortening by 3 meters or 5 meters.

Various fixing methods can be used for fixing, and there is no special requirement for the ground.

The maximum span can reach 60m, and the design without center column satisfies the large space design that can be freely controlled.

All parts are prefabricated and can be 100% disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for expansion and contraction or moving at any time.

All materials are 100% recyclable, will not pollute the environment, and are in line with sustainable ecological development.

Support global sales and order delivery.

Emergency Response Tents for Sale

structure tent

Emergency Response Tents for Sale

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