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20m Clear Span Tent for Sports - Build an Indoor Tennis Court
These tennis tents features high-strength aluminum alloy frame structure, fire-retardant PVC fabric, modular structure and Innovative structural design,
Sports tents are suitable for a variety of sports occasions
There are many types of sports tents, such as common basketball court tents, badminton tents, swimming pool tents, tennis court tents, etc.
Indoor sports tents can be customized according to the size and needs of the venue
If the side wall of the indoor sports tent is made of tarpaulin, it can be sealed in winter and opened in summer. It is a sports space that is warm in winter and cool in summer.
Explore the versatility of sports tents
As an innovative sports venue solution, the sports tent has attracted widespread attention due to its flexible and multi-purpose features.
Indoor Tennis Court Construction | Structure Tent
The tennis court tent is a novel outdoor sports building in the sports industry, a multifunctional mobile tent. Provide a span of 5-60 meters, support private customization
Temporary and permanent modular stadium solutions
It is designed and applied for various prefabricated gymnasiums, so that basketball, skating, tennis, swimming, badminton and other sports can be carried out smoothly in any season and any venue throughout the year.
Sports Arena Tent | Sports Halls
The sports tent has a flexible installation structure, easy to disassemble and install, we provide temporary and semi-permanent modular building solutions to design various sports venues.
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