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Sports Arena Tent | Sports Halls

KENTEN tents effectively solve the time-consuming and long-term idle problems of traditional sports venues. 

Sports Arena Tent | Sports Halls

Sports Arena Tent | Sports Halls

The sports tent has a flexible installation structure, easy to disassemble and install, and it only takes one to two weeks to set up.

Sports tents have become a new direction for sports venues, saving customers a lot of time and money. We provide temporary and semi-permanent modular building solutions to design various sports venues.

We use the aluminum alloy frame to ensure the safety of the sports tent and provide superior weather resistance, providing a safe and comfortable indoor activity environment for all sports and realizing all-weather use.

You can customize the tent to the dimensions of a standard stadium. There are no pillars inside the tent, and the usable area is 100%. Athletes can experience a better indoor arena and enjoy the fun of sports on the court.

We offer unique designs that provide sufficient height and extraordinary space for your stadium needs. Our clear-span stadium structures have no internal pillars, so players and spectators can move freely, providing maximum usable space. Our tents are a better choice than wood or steel structures.

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