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Temporary Building Structures | Fabric Buildings

date 2023-06-01
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KENTEN can provide a variety of temporary or permanent modular buildings, which can be used for temporary warehouses, and can be matched with stadiums, commercial buildings, military projects, etc.

Compared with traditional buildings, temporary structure tents have the following advantages:

low cost

The modular design not only saves materials, but also reduces labor costs. Compared to the high price tag of permanent buildings, modular buildings can be found on reasonable or even lower budgets with low maintenance costs.

Abundant appearance design, the perfect combination of design and structure

Modular Design Structures can be designed to contain elements desired by the user, from shape, material, to structural design.

No special requirements for the foundation

It can be built in public squares, grasslands, open fields, playgrounds, parks, campgrounds, tourist attractions, vacant building land or land to be developed.

Short construction period

The modular structure design is simple, the material is light, the workload is small, and it can be quickly assembled with prefabricated components, thereby shortening the construction period.

Convenient and flexible

Whether it is assembly or disassembly, the required materials are prefabricated in the factory, assembled on site, and can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. The prefabricated structure can be relocated at any time, and can also be adjusted in size according to needs.

environment friendly

Modular building materials can be recycled, from installation to disassembly, no construction waste is left, and it is truly environmentally friendly. In the future, it can be relocated according to the needs of urban planning without occupying land resources.

In the future, there will be an increasing demand for mobile space, no matter what kind of occasion or activity it is in. Choosing KENTEN structure tent will provide you with a perfect temporary space solution.

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