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Temporary and permanent modular stadium solutions

date 2023-05-26
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In the traditional sense, sports venues are expensive, and the approval procedures for construction application are cumbersome. Compared with traditional stadiums that take a long time, the all-weather comprehensive stadium tents built by KENTEN meet the needs of traditional stadiums functionally.

sports tent

sports tent

The sports tent has the characteristics of sun protection, wind resistance, snow resistance, hail resistance, rain resistance, rust resistance, fire resistance, etc. The multi-functional sports tent includes a series of temporary and permanent modular sports venue solutions, for various assembly types The design and application of gymnasiums enable basketball, skating, tennis, swimming, badminton and other sports to be carried out smoothly in any season and in any venue throughout the year. In addition, the size and appearance of the stadium tent can also be customized according to customer needs.

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