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40m Canopy Tent | White Frame Canopy Tent

date 2023-07-10
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40m canopy tent for sale

about the project

I believe that everyone is very familiar with the traditional steel structure and cement structure. Over time, thanks to the removable and easy-to-install features. Aluminum alloy tents gradually come to the fore. The 40m canopy tent is suitable for holding various events, weddings, exhibitions, sports events, etc.

Our tents are modular in design. The installation time is short, the disassembly and assembly are convenient, the space required for storage and transportation is small, and it is safe and stable. What's more, it can be used not only for long term but also for short term. Tents increase the efficiency of organizing various projects.

Our 40m canopy tent can accommodate around 2,000 people. Because there is no internal support, it means you can have 100% of the internal space. Our full range of accessories such as Tempered Glass Walls, Clear PVC Walls, Timber Floor Systems, Double Wing Tempered Glass Doors, Roof Linings and Side Curtains. Create an elegant environment to make the event more successful.

We specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of aluminum alloy tent products, providing one-stop temporary space solutions for various large-scale exhibitions, festivals, events, sports and logistics warehousing.

40m Canopy Tent | White Frame Canopy Tent

40m Canopy Tent | White Frame Canopy Tent

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