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Geodesic Dome Tent | Dome Structures for Sale
Do you want a special outdoor space? KENTEN Geodesic Dome Tent, brings you a new experience.
Large Outdoor Structure Tents for Sale
Are you looking for a temporary space solution that is more flexible and can accommodate more people? Aluminum structure tent is a good solution
How to Decorate a Wedding Tent - Structure Tent
KENTEN Tent provides 100% utilization rate wedding tent hall, which provides a wide space for wedding party. Tent interior decoration suggestions:
Choose a party tent as your outdoor venue
If you choose to use a party tent as your outdoor venue, build a unique outdoor temporary space. This can not only avoid missing important moments due to weather
KENTEN aluminum tents can be used for weddings, parties, storage with a span of 3 to 60 meters
Our aluminum tents are designed with a clear span structure with interior spaces and no interior or exterior support poles.
Black tent | Black canopy tent
As a temporary outdoor space, the black tent is widely used in outdoor activities with its design concept and novel structure.
Modular design structure is scalable and portable
KENTEN introduced the modular design structure into the tent industry, and our tents still represent the high industry standard of modular space solutions.
Provide viable and sustainable storage warehouse tents and industrial tents
We provide viable and sustainable storage warehouse tents and industrial tents to meet the needs of companies to optimize space utilization.
Why choose the warehouse tent provided by KENTEN
1. It can be customized according to different space requirements;2. Can be migrated;3. It can be easily scaled up or down;
Welcome everyone to visit the KENTEN aluminum alloy structure tent factory
We specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of aluminum alloy tent products, providing one-stop temporary space solutions for various large-scale exhibitions.
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