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KENTEN aluminum tents can be used for weddings, parties, storage with a span of 3 to 60 meters

date 2023-06-13
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Our aluminum tents are designed with a clear span structure with interior spaces and no interior or exterior support poles. You can choose from different shapes and sizes from 3 to 60 meters for weddings, parties or even storage. No matter what the application is, we can always meet your requirements.

Clearspan structures are also designed for long-term use, often described as temporary structures rather than simple tents, they can be used for long-term storage and commercial use. It is suitable for most surfaces such as concrete and grass and can be assembled in just a few days.

Made of high-strength extruded and anodized aluminum, our aluminum tents are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable. Closed frame design and double-layer PVC-coated polyester fabric, waterproof and less susceptible to weather such as wind and rain. In addition, it adopts a modular design, which is easy to disassemble and transport after use, and can be replaced to other locations for multiple installations. It can be increased in size or changed in shape by adding components.

aluminum tents

In addition to aluminum tents, we also offer a wide range of tent accessories. It mainly includes floors, lighting, tables and chairs, glass doors, solid walls, etc.

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