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Black tent | Black canopy tent

date 2023-06-14
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As a temporary outdoor space, it benefits from its design concept and novel structure.

You can use the black tent for exhibitions, ceremonies and banquets. The whole structure adopts aluminum alloy profiles, which solves the problem of easy rust. The span is from 10m to 60m.

Black tent | Black canopy tent

Black canopy tent construction overview and advantages

The black tent is surrounded by fully transparent glass curtain walls, waterproof transparent PVC roof cover, good lighting, 360° large area without blind spots.

We can design custom black tents for customers. The whole structure is made of aluminum alloy frame. More corrosion-resistant and durable, it can be used for more than 20 years without fading. For exterior design, we use multiple structural designs to build the structure.

The inside of the black tent does not need support pillars, and it can be set up in any open space such as grass, asphalt roads, and concrete floors. And the new black tent building has the characteristics of heat insulation, wind resistance, rain resistance, flexible disassembly and assembly, and light storage and transportation.

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