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18m Large Dome Tent for Sale - KENTEN Tent

date 2023-06-14
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The dome tent frame adopts high-strength steel pipe shell structure, it is strong and durable, and you can use it as a temporary building or a semi-permanent building.

18m Large Dome Tent for Sale

There are many choices of PVC fabric for 18m dome tents, such as plain white, translucent, transparent and other PVC surface layers in various colors. Its unique product design concept, modern and beautiful appearance and extremely wide range of use are favored by event companies.

PVC has waterproof, flame retardant and anti-aging functions.

In addition to the 18m dome tent, we also offer a variety of sizes from 3m-60m in diameter. Our flexible sizes can be customized according to customers' needs. There are no poles in the tent, 100% use of space. It also has a wide range of functions, a small dome tent can be used as a hotel, camp, restaurant; a large dome tent can be used for outdoor exhibitions, parties, festivals, and weddings. Now the spherical tent is a more personalized structure and has become the first choice of high-end customers.

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