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How to Decorate a Wedding Tent - Structure Tent

date 2023-06-12
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KENTEN Tent provides 100% utilization rate wedding tent hall, which provides a wide space for wedding party. Tent interior decoration suggestions:

1. Confirm the size and shape of the tent

First, you need to determine the size and type of tent based on your wedding budget and actual number of guests.

2. Transparent fabric is a better choice

Optional PVC fabric can be see-through and cover-up. Most people will choose a transparent roof to watch the scenery.

3. Determine the theme and color of the wedding banquet

Dress according to the wedding venue or guests. We can decorate your wedding reception in gold, silver, red or elegant and simple black and white.

4. Install enough beautiful lighting

Most of the wedding banquets are opened at night. In order to ensure enough light in the tent hall when it is dark, we need to match enough lights, such as various colorful stage lights, to increase the romantic feeling.

Wedding Tent

Wedding Tent

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