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Specialist marquees for ice rinks
If you’re looking for eye catching and practical structures for your ice rink, we have ideal solutions for you.
Temporary Buildings. Built to Last.
KENTEN brings to market a range of high quality temporary buildings to provide cost effective turnkey solutions for industrial use whether that be temporary warehousing & storage, logistic canopies, emergency cover and much more.
We also offer flexible warehousing solutions
Whether you have a need for a short-term production and manufacturing space or require onsite workshops, warehouses or accommodation, our diverse range of semi-permanent and temporary structures provide for mobile real estate of the most adaptable kind!
Professional Industrial Storage Solution
KENTEN warehouse tent solutions save you time and money.Can be used in temporary or semi-permanent warehouses, factories
Commercial Storage Tents: The Perfect Solution for Your Business Needs
When it comes to finding storage solutions for your business, commercial storage tents are a cost-effective and flexible option.
Temporary and permanent modular stadium solutions
It is designed and applied for various prefabricated gymnasiums, so that basketball, skating, tennis, swimming, badminton and other sports can be carried out smoothly in any season and any venue throughout the year.
Sports Arena Tent | Sports Halls
The sports tent has a flexible installation structure, easy to disassemble and install, we provide temporary and semi-permanent modular building solutions to design various sports venues.
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