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temporary auto show event solutions

date 2023-06-08
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The auto show is a temporary event, are you looking for such a suitable exhibition venue?

We have cooperated with many car brands and have rich experience in the design and construction of car show tents. We can provide you with various perfect temporary auto show event solutions.

temporary auto show event solutions

temporary auto show event solutions

Auto show tents are functional as well. A large amount of daylight streams in, illuminating the interior of the hall. The 360-degree display without dead angle can also reduce the energy consumption of the lighting system. Of course, you can also choose mirror glass wall or ABS wall. The tent is modular in design, offering flexible plans for space expansion.

At the same time, the car show tent series can also meet all the requirements of exhibition organizers for temporary car showrooms: they are very flexible and can be erected and dismantled in the shortest time; they offer a wide range of design possibilities, various decorative elements and design options, To adapt the appearance of the temporary space to the existing brand design; the eye-catching advertising facade of the tent provides the best opportunity to directly display products and services.

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