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40m aluminum frame party tent
The tents provided by KENTEN for the event can be customized with a range of features, including windows, doors, flooring, lighting and heating,
Party tents are the perfect solution for outdoor parties.
KENTEN banquet tents can be fully transparent or equipped with glass walls. Guests can enjoy the views of the surroundings while dining.
Commercial Party Tents for Sale
Holding business parties in traditional banquet halls is an old routine, but now people like to move business parties outdoors, and business party tents are the ideal solution.
party tents for sale 20x30
There are many party tents for sale that measure 20x30 feet, which is a popular size for hosting medium to large outdoor events.
Choose the Right Size Tent for a 100-Person Party
Planning a party for 100 people requires careful consideration of various factors, including the size of the tent that will accommodate all the guests comfortably.
Small tents are more suitable for party activities.
Small tents are more suitable for party activities. It is portable and detachable with low cost
outdoor party tent decorating ideas
The tent adopts a modular structure design, which not only quickly solves the difficulties on site, but also provides a fully functional temporary structure.
20 x 40 Commercial Party Tents for Sale
Now people like to move their business parties outdoors, and business party tents are an ideal solution.
Luxury Party Tents for Sale | Structure Tent
With more than 20 years of experience in tent design, manufacture and export, KENTEN Structure is committed to providing various sizes of luxury party tents for sale
Luxury Wedding Tent | Structure Tent
do you want to hold a unique wedding party outdoors? Choose from our luxury wedding tents to suit your wishes.
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