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outdoor party tent decorating ideas

date 2023-05-06
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Aluminum Frame Party Tent

Usually parties on the beach are held in the open air. The tent adopts a modular structure design, which not only quickly solves the difficulties on site, but also provides a fully functional temporary structure.

Use a pure white design on the exterior, so you can see it from a distance. It feels completely different from the outside to the inside. Numerous spotlights surround the stage.

Aluminum Frame Party Tent

tent party air conditioner

We have installed many tent air conditioners inside the tent, which are located on the left, right and rear of the tent. The super cooling effect keeps guests from feeling hot when entering the tent. A super large LED screen is installed in the tent. Due to the large space inside the tent, all stage lighting equipment can be perfectly installed in the tent.

This time KENTEN's frame party tent brought you a different experience.

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