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Advantages of exhibition tents compared with traditional buildings
Compared with traditional buildings, the construction cost of exhibition tents is lower. They can be installed and unloaded quickly without construction wasting time and manpower resources, so it can greatly save costs.
The exhibition tent is a temporary building specially built for exhibitions, exhibitions and other activities
The exhibition halls with specifications and functions provide exhibition spaces of different sizes, providing more choices for exhibition activities.
The difference between a tent and a tent
Tents such as industrial tents, exhibition tents, etc., the difference between industrial tents and tents is still very obvious.
Exhibition Tent for Auto Show
Exhibition Tent used for auto car show starts a new experience. To create a grand outdoor auto car show.
Exhibition Tents for Temporary Exhibition Hall
The exhibition tent is a new form of the current temporary exhibition hall solution, which can be directly erected on the existing open space.
Outdoor Exhibition Tents - Structure Tent
Outdoor Exhibition Tent Supplier.KENTEN exhibition tents are used for security checks, passages, ticket offices, ticket halls and other functions.
KENTEN exhibition tents can be applied to various exhibitions
The span width of our exhibition tents is from 3m to 60m. Support customization.
Event spherical tents can be used for various types of exhibition activities
The flexible and changeable characteristics of the activity dome tent can meet the requirements of outdoor activities of various sizes.
Suggestions for using large exhibition tents
Color scheme, choose a stand, design an attractive entrance, identify an elegant accessory or two
Exhibition tents are ideal for temporary exhibition events
They can be set up and disassembled quickly, so they are very suitable for short-term exhibition activities or situations that require frequent replacement of exhibition venues.
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