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The difference between a tent and a tent

date 2023-04-07
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Tents such as industrial tents, exhibition tents, etc. are already one of the very common items in life, and the difference between industrial tents and tents is still very obvious.

Difference 1: The area of the tent is relatively small, generally no more than 50 square meters, and the material is generally light, simple, and easy to carry. This is because tents are used for outdoor camping, etc., and the number of users is relatively small, requiring light weight. And tents such as industrial tents are widely used in various places, and are used as temporary warehouses, factories, temporary construction, exhibition tents, construction tents, emergency disaster relief, etc. Although it is also required to be light and mobile, this is relative to traditional buildings. Industrial tents need to meet the needs of actual activities and have a relatively large area.

Difference 2: Tents such as industrial tents are widely used and have higher requirements. Tents are the best choice for outdoor exhibitions, weddings and various events. The design concept of industrial tents is safe, fast and elegant. The product span is from 3 meters to 60 meters, which can be used as garden tents, party tents, festival tents, holiday tents, wedding tents, etc. At the same time, we can tailor-made products for customers and provide creative space solutions. To meet the individual needs of customers, we have a full range of accessories to choose from. All the accessories increase the functions and uses of the tent to meet the various needs of customers. Compared with tents, it is simple, light, and easy to carry, which is an essential choice for travel.

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