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Suggestions for using large exhibition tents

date 2023-07-26
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Suggestions for the layout of the exhibition tent are:

1. Choose a color scheme. The exhibition tents you buy from commercial suppliers are usually white, but clever use of color on the signage and inside of the tent will make your products and services more attractive to the audience's eyes.

2. Choose the booth that can best display your products.

3. Design an attractive entrance according to the user's requirements to make your exhibition tent unique.

4. Determine one or two elegant accessories to make the interior of your exhibition tent more beautiful in a pragmatic way. You can use high-tech inkjet technology to spray the company logo or the theme you want to express on the triangle of the exhibition tent.

5. Leave some rest space for better work. At the same time, you can install an air-conditioning system for your exhibition tent. The exhibition tent below 4 meters can be installed with a direct blowing central air-conditioning system, and the exhibition tent above 5 meters can be installed with a ducted air-conditioning system.

exhibition tent

exhibition tent

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