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A structure tent suitable for large-scale commercial exhibitions
A structure tent suitable for large-scale commercial exhibitions, aluminum material, safe and weatherproof, high quality assurance.
The 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition / 2022 China Guangzhou Custom Decoration & Smart Home Exhibition - KENTEN Security Check Tent
From June 23rd to 25th, the 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition / 2022 China Guangzhou Custom Decoration & Smart Home Exhibition / 2022 Decoration Retail Supply Chain Strict Selection Brand Expo will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center Guangzhou International Sourcing The center is grandly held.
Application of outdoor tents in commercial activities
The outdoor tent has a custom area, and the interior can be configured with air conditioners, display screens, lights, etc.
Exhibition tents, single-layer tents, double-layer tents, three-layer tents, KENTEN can meet your needs.
KENTEN provides exhibition tents of various sizes and shapes. Whether it is a single-layer tent, a double-layer tent or a triple-layer tent, we can meet your needs.
Large exhibition tent sales
KENTEN provides professional exhibition tents for both indoor and outdoor trade fairs and exhibitions. KENTEN exhibition tents will give a positive image to your brands and business.
KENTEN tent product catalog
products include party tent, event tent, sport tent, exhibition tent and storage tent.
Temporary exhibition tents for sale
The temporary exhibition tent provided by KENTEN adopts aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric, which meets the international wind load and flame retardant certification.
How to Choose the Right Exhibition Tent for Your Event
An exhibition tent is the perfect choice for various exhibitions, displays, and commercial events. It provides a flexible space arrangement and a customized exterior design, as well as the ability to adapt to different climates and terrains. Before choosing an exhibition tent, there are several factors to consider:
The Advantages of Using a 40m Span Car Exhibition Tent
A 40m span car exhibition tent provides a large, customizable, and temporary solution that's perfect for a wide range of car exhibitions.
There are several advantages to using exhibition tents for car shows
the use of exhibition tents at car shows provides a versatile, cost-effective, and customizable solution for event organizers.
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