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Width Customizable Warehouse Tent | Large Structural Tent

date 2022-07-08
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The warehouse tent is a tent that can not only store goods, but more importantly, can solve the storage problems of enterprises in off-peak seasons. Tent storage has high flexibility. When the enterprise needs more storage space, it can flexibly increase the space; when the enterprise faces the idle warehouse space in the off-season, it can appropriately reduce the area or directly dismantle it.

Warehouse Tent

Warehouse Tent

The warehouse tent is an outdoor product, all made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles as the frame, double-sided coated PVC cloth as the cover cloth and top cloth, with stable and durable, wind-resistant, rain-proof, sun-proof and flame-retardant properties, even outdoors It can also effectively fight against a variety of bad weather and ensure the safety of goods.

Warehouse Tent

3m to 80m span width available to be customized.

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