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temporary warehouse tents for sale

Advantages of temporary warehouse tents

1. Quick erection or dismantling: The temporary warehouse tent can be installed and dismantled at any time, which can easily solve the problem of space expansion

2. Fast construction speed: theoretically, it only takes 12 hours to build a 2000 square temporary warehouse tent

3. Low construction cost: The construction cost is fixed and the building can be reused

4. Highly integrated: The temporary warehouse tents has a lot of accessories to choose from

5. Stable and strong: The temporary warehouse tents is like a movable house, resistant to strong wind and heavy snow, and is safe

The frame of the storage tent is made of aluminum alloy material 6061-t6, a high-strength industrial aluminum alloy, which is light, durable and corrosion-resistant. The size of the tent can be customized according to the site, and the span of 3-80 meters can be achieved.

temporary warehouse tents

KENTEN warehouse tents can be sold to the United States, Britain, New Zealand and other countries

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