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Large Wedding Tent - Temporary Tent Structures
The design of the wedding tent with a span of 25 meters can be extended infinitely according to the requirements
spherical projection tent for sale
The panoramic spherical screen projection tent creates a large-angle light and shadow effect, and with the surround sound, users can perceive the content of the spherical projection in a 360° all-round way
Custom Parking Tents For Sale
Strong wind resistance, noble appearance, suitable for large outdoor parking lots, and can be used as fixed or semi-permanent buildings
Large Outdoor Storage Tents
If you want to use your outdoor temporary storage in a flexible, efficient and economical way, then our large outdoor storage tents will be the ideal solution.
Large Temporary Warehouse Structures
Our temporary warehouse structures are suitable for those who require flexible storage space. You can set it up on almost any type of ground and it only takes a few weeks to install.
Portable Warehouse Buildings For Sale - Structure Tent
Modular design, large span, no columns in the middle, large internal space, these are the structural advantages of our mobile warehouse.
Emergency Response Tents for Sale
KENTEN large warehouse has sufficient inventory to save time and cost, and is a real emergency solution for medical spaces.
Party Tents | Party Marquees for Sale
We stock a huge range of party tents in different sizes and shapes, perfect for any outdoor setting. You can use our large tents to protect your guests from strong winds and rain.
Large event tents are the perfect solution for outdoor events
For the increase of outdoor activities, traditional buildings have been unable to meet the needs of these activities. We can provide large event tents with clear spans of 20m, 25m and 30m.
structure tent will be the best solution for holding large outdoor events.
Our tents are made of 100% waterproof and flame retardant PVC fabric and hard pressed aluminum alloy. Safe and secure.
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