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Large event tents are the perfect solution for outdoor events

date 2023-06-05
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Big Event Tent For Sale

For the increase of outdoor activities, traditional buildings have been unable to meet the needs of these activities. In order to solve this problem, we can provide large event tents with clear spans of 20m, 25m, and 30m. There are no pillars inside the tent, and the space utilization rate reaches 100%. It can be used as a temporary building or a semi-permanent building.

The perfect solution for all kinds of outdoor activities

Now there are many large-scale outdoor activities that require a lot of temporary venues. Large-scale event tents are suitable for outdoor weddings, commercial performances, and festival parties. KENTEN large structure activity tent, modular structure, easy to disassemble. It can cover tens of thousands of square meters of land or sites in a short period of time.

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